Festivity Black Gown

Its All Black and White

Winter snow all around. It’s one of the things I love about this time of year. Going outside when the snow is pristine. So white. So beautiful. Black is one of the best colors to show up on this type of pure background. So today I have the “Festivity” gown in black from Glam Dreams. Perfect for winter with it’s 3/4 sleeves, beautiful embossed velvet cloth, and a rich fur stole to finish it off. This long gown has a fantastic, deep-cut back perfect for that special someone’s hand to guide you around the party or dance floor. This stunning gown is available in several colors including gold, black, silver and red, one of which is perfect for that New Year’s Eve Ball. Find it now at the Glam Dreams Mainstore.



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The Surreal Lyfe featuring “The Balmaina” – Glam Dreams  ” Balmaina ” Yellow Coat

oYellow Coatv

Woooo! Did you feel that breeze?..Well Ladies, this only makes the statement “Bold and Daring!.. The look of Luxury as you stroll into any engagement wearing this plush Balmaina Yellow Coat and Pencil belted tailored skirt. Don’t take my word for it.. Its calling for your now!

Cherish is wearing:
Glam Dreams  ” Balmaina ” Yellow Coat

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Glam Dreams Of Romance

Glam Dreams formal collection includes Women’s and Men’s Formal wear, which will make you stand out in any crowd and create memories that will last a life time.

The men’s suit “Apollo” comes with color change HUD with 8 different colors for the bowtie and handkerchief.  There are 7 different colors for the jacket and 2 different options for the shirt.

Chelle wears Glam Dreams “White Cyan Pearl & Laces”  The gown comes with gloves and hand bag.  The open back come adorned with its own necklace for added touch of Glam.



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