My Four Leaf Clover

Hanna ☾ Luna's Closet

You were my Four Leaf Clover
My pure white dove
You were my lightning strike
& my knock on wood
My hope & my faith
My luck & love
You were my shooting star
That lit up the sky
Then you broke the mirror
& my heart died
No hope & no faith
No luck, no love
Just ordinary


Listen up everyone! There’s more St. Patty’s goodies.

Glam Dreamshas a new group gift for you all. It’s the gorgeous “Catherine” Irish Gown, available at the Mainstore. You just have to join the group gift (there’s a fee but so many wonderful group gifts, that it’s well worth it).


Hair: [e] Zanna – Essentials

Headdress: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Bispo Black

Gown: Glam Dreams – “Catherine” Irish Gown (Group Gift)





Hanna ☾ Luna

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Glam Dreams’ “Anastacia” Coat

Hanna ☾ Luna's Closet

Hello everyone!

I’m back to blogging regularly 🙂

I’m wearing Glam Dreams’ Anastacia Coat this time around.

Coat Glam.jpg

I’m wearing the black and blue version, but as always, it comes in many colors.

Rich textures is a Glam Dreams trademark, and to make it extra cozy for the cold weather, it comes with fur accents on the neck and sleeves.

You can get this now at the Mainstore.




Hannah Luna

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Winter Wonderland Dreams

Hanna ☾ Luna's Closet

It’s that time of the year, and Glam Dreams knows it!

It’s the time for fun and games and gifts 🙂

I’m wearing the “Winter Dream” outfit.

It’s a beautiful outfit made out of a long sleeve knit crop top and a splendid princess style skirt in black and white. It also comes with a delicate head scarf to keep warm in the cold days and colder nights of Winter. It’s got a cute leaf detail on the top to bring the whole outfit together.



You can get this now as Group Gift item at the Mainstore.




Hannah Luna

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Glam Dreams “Carla”

Hanna ☾ Luna's Closet

Sandytpr Lysette has done it once again! A brand new release from Glam Dreams has landed.

The “Carla” gown.

Carla Dress2

Carla Dress1

A magnificent and whimsy  gown made in soft silky fabric features a sexy slit on one side showing some leg, and it’s covered in sequins, with beautiful pearls draped down the back, shoulders and into a neck piece. It also comes with a cute bow on the back made of more shiny pearls.

This stunning dress comes in 5 different colors: iced creme, iced green, iced blue, iced red and iced black.

Click the links below to visit the Mainstore, Flickr & Marketplace.

Glam Dreams 




Hannah Luna ❤

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“Amity” Turquoise Double Bitten Cocktail Dress

Another day, another beautiful outfit that I present you.

It’s the fabulous “Amity” Turquoise Double Bitten Cocktail Dress.



This is a sexy yet classy tight short cocktail dress made with shiny shimmery fabric, featuring cutouts on both sides in honor of Jaws, shark bites if you will, giving it an edge!  It also comes with a fur stole on the shoulders, the same lovely turquoise color as the dress, making it very chic. This dress was made for BOSL International Fashion Week around the “Jaws” theme, and you can still find it there!

For further details on this look, please head over to Hannah Luna’s Closet.


Hannah Luna

Dark Epiphany

Hello my lovely followers 🙂
I have something very special for all of you!
Halloween is around the corner, as you can see designers working around the theme. Well you’ll love what sanytpr Lysette from Glam Dreams made for you.



It’s the brand new “Dark Epiphany” dress. Made as a special Halloween treat, this beautiful outfit features a maxi skirt and crossed top with fur details on the neck to add to the dramatic effect of it. It comes with a bow detail on the back, feather skirt details on the bottom and a skull arrangement on the front part of the skirt, that makes it extra spooky (but at the same time, so cute!). This dress comes in black, and it’s marked down at a special prize until Halloween. There’s also a red version, as a group gift at the mainstore. They are located at the “sales” room, entering the store to your left.
Don’t miss this lovely Halloween treat

Amity Chrissie

Hanna ☾ Luna's Closet

Buenos días!

Here I bring you a chic cosy outfit for Fall, “Amity” Chrissie outfit, from Glam Dreams new Fall collection, available at BOSL International Fashion Week.




  It consists of of a gorgeous black leather pant with delicate details on the legs, and a wool extra comfy crop sweater in electric blue.To top it all off, a soft wool scarf in green that lights up the outfit with contrast.

Hannah Luna 😉

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