Dark Epiphany

Hello my lovely followers 🙂
I have something very special for all of you!
Halloween is around the corner, as you can see designers working around the theme. Well you’ll love what sanytpr Lysette from Glam Dreams made for you.



It’s the brand new “Dark Epiphany” dress. Made as a special Halloween treat, this beautiful outfit features a maxi skirt and crossed top with fur details on the neck to add to the dramatic effect of it. It comes with a bow detail on the back, feather skirt details on the bottom and a skull arrangement on the front part of the skirt, that makes it extra spooky (but at the same time, so cute!). This dress comes in black, and it’s marked down at a special prize until Halloween. There’s also a red version, as a group gift at the mainstore. They are located at the “sales” room, entering the store to your left.
Don’t miss this lovely Halloween treat

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