Don’t go in the water…. that was the infamous line that goes with the movie JAWS in the 1970’s. It’s a line that brought fear into many during that time when a larger than life shark made silver screen history. As part of BOSL fashion week, Glam Dreams has created a line of designs in theme with the JAWS movie just in time for Halloween. All of these designs will be featured in the 10am fashion show on Friday, October 30th where the theme is JAWS. In this post I feature the “Amity” blue leather gown created for this occasion by Glam Dreams. Scoop neckline, with criss-cross straps on the back frame your feminine features and are accented at the waist with blue pearls and a wide leather sash. The gown flows down to the floor with the left side open to show your legs reminiscent of the movement of swimming in a beautiful ocean blue, which is the color of this gown. Just stunning. Find it now at the BOSL Fashion Week going on through this weekend.


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