Glam Dreams – Skull Corset Dress. Posted by Widelmina Zeminoba

Monday…24:15 am time Mexico City (22:15 slt)…I’m blogging now. Today, I show you the new releases from Glam Dreams. This store celebrates Halloween with *Skull Corset Dress* inspirates in Pirates. This a beautiful garment, the corset has a  floral printed so beautiful, the colors of  the flowers distinguish of black color. Includes: Boots and Mesh Skull & Rose Eye Patch and Hat.
In next photos, Widelmina wears  *Skull Corset Dress*, she complements it with a sword no included it. The hat has a skulls and flower, I love it!! You will look as sexy pirate in Halloween. Go to Glam Dreams and buy it!!!
See you soon, ladies!!! ❤

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