Glam Dreams Brings Elegance to Summer Events with Eva

Summer is in full swing. There are lots of summer parties, events and business meetings to take place. Glam Dreams has the perfect summer dress to fit all of these occasions with “Eva”. Eva is a fitted mesh dress featuring a sleeveless, deep-V cut bodice in a bright, colorful summer print with bold colors and animal print textures mixed in. The skirt is a straight, pencil skirt open in the front to mid-thigh and featuring a coordinated belt. Find “Eva” in several color combinations including the “Red” that I have on at the Mainstore starting Thursday, July 17. This is one dress you sure don’t want to be without as summer rages on.


Glam Dreams Locations:

Foxxies Jazz club:

KV Dream Satellite Store:

The Galleria at Frank’s:

Charltina’s Fashion Arts Campus:

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